Tuesday, April 28, 2009

India, at long last.

Ahh, arriving in New Delhi...
I know this might come as a surprise to some...
(it certainly was for me!)
but the first thing you notice after landing is that this country is filled, if not overflowing, with...
well... Indians!
I mean, they're everywhere!!!
checking your passport, driving your taxi and offering you everything ("only for you my friend")
from hashish to their own mothers for a price.
so after having about 274 close calls with the taxi on the way to the main bazar i finally got here
being utterly in shock and trying to look very relaxed in the face of danger (i love buying things, they love selling things, DANGER).
walking around the main bazar looking for a place to stay with Indians shouting at me in perfect surround sound (360°) and in perfect Hebrew to come and check out what they're selling.
I didn't give in to temptation and after leaving my stuff in the "safe room" of one of the hostels went for a walk.
got haraased by: map selling guy, travel agent guy, 2 orphans, 1 mother with baby and one cow.
sat with a travel agent called "Eli" who gave me what now seems like overpriced offers for a ride for dharamsalla but made a point of being friendly enough to tell me stories for 45 minutes (arrgghh!!).
Finally getting out of there met a lovely couple (lovely word... lovely...) callde saar and tamar.
spent the rest of the day with them and met 2 british guys who did a northen trip on bikes.
one thing led to another... and next thing i know it's the 4 of us and 3 indians and a cow having sex...
well... no, not really. but we did have a beer in some weird indian place and got harassed by an indian which (in his words) is a very good guy, really, good guy. you know? very good guy...
yeah... so we got out of there and went to sleep.
second part:
yulia. i got a car which was supposed to take me to the airport, wait for her there and take us back. (350Rs)
we got to the wrong airport (450Rs)
switched airports and saw she has 2 friends with her, so we took them with us. (700 Rs)
we got to the main bazaar, the guy asked for a tip. i said no, i gave you enough money already and took your picture, what more could you possibly want?!?! (700Rs + lighter)
since then not much has happened. found tickets to darahmsalla.
got hit by a cow again, got harassed +79, drank local beer, haven't seen a single beautiful indian girl...
went to a really expensive bar , to find that one beautiful girl...(glass of wine = a night in the hostel).
most of the time is spent with nothingness in mind. although i do seem to be thinking a lot about food... i wonder why. :-\
short story, shorter, it's a culture shock. i'm getting used to it. next stop, dharamsalla!

still taking showers and brushing my teeth! that's why the call me Ben "willpower" Poliak!


  1. About the large amount of Indians, I remember filling the same! And it's not a shock, over time you realize just how many Indians are actually there. There will be more and more. Wherever you look. Even high high in the mountains. Villages sprouting everywhere like mushrooms.

  2. sprouting's also a lovely word