Friday, April 24, 2009


ahh... a blog.
finally something that's truly mine. something that has no opinion of it's own and does
exactly what i tell it to.
somethang i cain wraite wiz spallings erurs end dusn't curact mi...
something i can write as many three dots... in and doesn't feel anything about it.
so let's start.
first post eh? has to be something really good or really bad.
Or just something. so far it's been nothing, as you may have noticed.
so this is my last day +1 in Singapore.
why +1? (thousands of readers must be asking themselves)
because i was supposed to leave on the 24 at 18:50 on a flight to New Delhi from Singapore.
but am still here. which gives me an opportunity to start writing this.

we'll start with a short summary of the singapore period: (documentry music sets in)
Mr. benjamin poliak arrived in singapore on the 22 of september 2008.
at this point benjamin was just a young (very talented) boy from a small village.
he came for the sacred work of the jewish god. spreading the word about the dead sea "expensive" cosmetic products and their magical ability to heal the asian skin type.
he has been doing the work of god for 7 months. and saw that it is good.
on the way a few wemen came along, a few dollars, and about 5 words in mandarin.
to all you mandarin speaking ladies out there: ni hun may!
at this point your supposed to giggle and say "sank you" :)

now... 7 months... and that about sums it up. specific quesions will be answered in private. (i love to share...)

now about that missed flight. the reasons i was late for the flight are numorous... but what's important is that i convinced "ashok" the guy in charge of "air india" that a friend of mine had an accident and that's why i was late and that's why i deserve a re-booking.
(it's that sylvia girl... 3 years on a motorcycle and just on the day i'm flying off she has an accident and forces me to go see her an hour before the flight)
anyway next post is when i'm landing in delhi.
dear blog, i'll talk to you soon. don't go anywhere.

i don't know any sylvias. i wish i did though. sounds like an interesting person.

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